Re: {Collins} New AC Power Switch Used in S-Line and KWM-2/2A

Hi everyone,

I missed getting the Oak power switch and I have been looking for one forever.   That will teach me to not go to bed before midnight!  If there are any others out there and you would not mind sharing one please let me know.  I have an S-line unit in need of one.

Thanks so much,

Tom Branton

Dr. Thomas M. Branton, CPA
Professor of Accounting
Division Chair, Social Science
Alvin College
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For Sale: hard to find new Oak power switch used in S-Line and KWM-2/2A, NOS RCA 5R4GB date on box AUG 10 1977 and a used good condition 5U4. $42.00 shipped.

Kurt Keller
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