Re: {Collins} 30L-1 - convert between 115V and 230V

Rick....there is a service bulletin pertaining to ensuring that the fuse
holders are wired correctly....see the CCA website.
Also....with the unit upside down looking toward the front....the terminal
strip counts R/L...opposite to what you might think.
Follow the rig manual to make the changes on the TS.


David Harmon
Sperry, OK

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I have three 30L-1 amps, two wired for 115V and one wired for 230V.  I can
discern absolutely no difference in the performance, and it'll be more
convenient if all three are wired for 115V, so I'm converting the 230 back
to 115.

I have this vague recollection that there was more to the conversion to 230
than just changing the jumpers on the power strip.  Someone on one of these
reflectors had come up with a recommendation to do X in order to prevent
some bad thing from happening.  But, I can't find, or remember, the details.

Ring any bells with anyone?

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