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Whoa.....there are two 120 V primary windings on the 30L-1 transformer that are either wired in series for 240 V or in parallel for 120 V. Regardless of the source voltage, the SAME voltage AND current flows in each of these windings.

The ONLY advantage of using 240 V is that the IR loss in the feeder and line cord wires MAY be less. If you're on a 15 amp circuit that is many feet away from your breaker panel, those IR losses COULD be significant.

73, Charlie k3ICH

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remember that the losses in the transformer winding are:
P=I squared  x  R

which means as an eample:

1)  for R=100   and  I=10   the P= 10000 W
2)  for R=200   and  I=5     the P=200 x 25 = 5000 W .

This means that losses (heat) under 115V are much higher than at 230V . This is due to the current that is squared ... ... non linear ...

73 Art VE3PND

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