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 Hi Steve,
	Thanks for the help interpreting Dan's original message. Gee Whiz
I could have sworn that he said "All bands except 15 are working fine". 
	But you read it and point out anything about a bad tube.
	Mt orig comments and his orig message are attached just for your
73//Foster W4HCX

Hi Dan,
	Sounds like the crystal osc for the 15 meter band has stopped
oscillating. This Can be because the circuit is out of adjustment or that
the xtal has gone bad. Normally The circuit just needs adjusting.
	The procedure for adjusting the oscillator is on page 5-1 Crystal
Oscillator Adjustment.
If you do not have the "stuff" needed, you can do a temporary fix by just
adjusting the Screw in or out 1 turn. When you start hearing noise - quit
until you get the equipment Needed to do a proper job.
73//Foster W4HCX 

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Hi folks-time for some collective wisdom if you all can help. Last year I
purchased a 75A3 (and a 32V2-to be restored!) and spent a fair amount of
time going through the A3 to get it back in shape. With the generous help of
many including Bill Carns I tracked down some sticky issues including
'hidden' caps. I got it going in good order and did a basic alignment and
left one issue for later, and now's the time to go after it. All bands
except 15 are working fine.On 15 there is zero signal and even using a
rudimentary signal generator there's not a peep that passes through on 15.
I've been studying the block diagram for starters and suspect either the
antenna coils or the crystal oscillator/coil section.Before I dive in any
further, any thoughts on where I might look? I could pull the crystal but
not exactly sure how to test it to see if it's still active. If I had a
replacement I'd swap it out. I plan to try some basic signal tracing if I
can sort that out with limited test ge  ar. Like I said all other bands are
working very well, and I sure enjoy using it. My goal is to get the combo of
the A3 and V2 up and ready for Straight key night on NYE. Thanks for any
thoughts.  I'm located  in the Portland,Or metro area in case anyone is
bored and wants to take a look at it!
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