{Collins} 30L-1 / 20.5 ' Cable

Hello again group…once again I get to draw on the vast knowledge of all the Amateurs who participate in this listing. OK here is my question….this pertains to the 20.5 Feet of RG-59U coax that Collins calls for between the exciter and the amplifier ! Now on my first 30L-1 some 20 years ago i did exactly just that and it worked out fine…..on the one I now have i use about 5 feet of the same coax and it seems to work out fine….I would imagine one advantage to the shorter coax is the fact that I get somewhat more RF to the input of the amp…however, i am sure that is not necessary..there is enough RF from the exciter to handle that even with some of the loss in the 20.5’ length…lets face it the amp only requires 70 watts at most to function properly….So my question to all you electronic wizards out there….is... Do you think the Distortion levels would be lower useing the 20.5’ of RG-59U or does it make any difference ?? Right now I have a 5’ section of coax…but I am wondering if i should replace it with the 20.5’ of coax which I have here  ???
Bill if your around..I would also appreciate some of your Professional advice on this matter !

Thanks People

P.S. If I am not mistaken…i think Collins changed their views on the length of coax between the exciter and amplifier…but that is a here say….I heard that through the grapevines !

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