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Try replacing the 0.1uf ALC coupling cap.  The OEM cap is severely underrated voltage wise.  I use a 450vdc poly cap in there.

Also look at the ALC zero pot.  They're problematic after all these years

Steve,  N6HK

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Anyone out there have this issue: I use the rig pretty regularly for
listening in on Sundays to the net.
1.Yesterday I went to check in on the net and no microphone
audio...deader than a door nail
2. Checked all the tubes and V4 was bad,
3. So all is well in that regard but now when I kick the meter switch to
ALC the needle immediately pins to the right then after about 2 seconds
the meter drops back to "normal" where I can then set the ALC to "0"

Checked around V17 and looks like some of the resitance measurements are
off on pins 6&7 and looked at the rats nest of components in and around
that tube and figured I'd better do a bit more research!
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