{Collins} 30L-1 / 20.5' Cable

OK thanks everyone for your input…so basically since i did get some varying suggestions on this matter it looks like the final outcome is that for all practical purposes…either length will work fine…as I mentioned I have used the 20.5’ on my first 30L-1 some 20 + years ago and have the a 5’ length on my second 30L-1 and both seem to function fine…so I guess I will just leave it that way ! 
I use a G5RV antenna at this point….so I tune the exciter into my dummy load….then drive the amp …and tune that into my dummy load….then adjust my Palstar Tuner for minimum SWR at the frequency of operation….seems to work ok ! i was just curious about that 20.5’ length It seems to work fine either way…so now I am useing the 5 ‘ length…….

Thanks a lot everyone….so it is not a critical matter…and seems to work fine weather I use the longer length or shorter length, just wanted input on that since it seemed to be a grey area….


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