{Collins} C160 in KWM-2 & ALC

The schematic I have for C160 (in the circuit by V17A) shows it as
Finally found it, but the cap in there is a .068?  This is in that ALC
circuit I'm having the issue with.
It appears to be original and not a mod or a later replacement.  
As you recall my issue is the meter(needle) pins to the right as I key
the mike and the meter switch in the ALC position!  After about 2
seconds the needle drops back to  "0" and I can use the adjusting pot as
normal to adjust the "0" position. The pot doesn't appear to be an issue
as I can smoothly adjust the meter to "0".

Prior to this V4 turned out to be bad and after replacing it (tried 3
different tubes) it's still doing the same thing and also replaced V17
with a new 6BN8.

Ideas please?

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