Re: {Collins} 30L-1 / 20.5' Cable

Carl, That all will work, but you would be better served to re-dip the 30L-1
as a final step. You have a lot of variables going there. The piece that you
want to keep the happiest is the 30L-1 for optimum minimum IMD. What I do
under such circumstances is to preset my tuner so that it is getting the
G5RV as close to 50 ohms as possible and I do that with an antenna analyzer.
Then, I tune the 30L-1.



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OK thanks everyone for your basically since i did get some varying
suggestions on this matter it looks like the final outcome is that for all
practical purposes.either length will work I mentioned I have used
the 20.5' on my first 30L-1 some 20 + years ago and have the a 5' length on
my second 30L-1 and both seem to function I guess I will just leave
it that way ! 
I use a G5RV antenna at this I tune the exciter into my dummy
load..then drive the amp .and tune that into my dummy load..then adjust my
Palstar Tuner for minimum SWR at the frequency of operation..seems to work
ok ! i was just curious about that 20.5' length It seems to work fine either now I am useing the 5 ' length...

Thanks a lot it is not a critical matter.and seems to work fine
weather I use the longer length or shorter length, just wanted input on that
since it seemed to be a grey area..

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