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>> Almost anything after the 3rd will show a different story

Good morning, Steve.

Mine is the 4th edition and it shows the warning.

Interesting observation... I have three 30L-1s and all three of them have been on the workbench over the last month or so, getting this or that done to them.  I drive them with a KWM-2A and the outputs of both the exciter and the amp are run through a K4LAJ-conversion SB-610 monitor scope to give me the trapezoidal waveform to monitor linearity.  When on the bench, the amp is connected via 9-foot coax cable and key line extensions, in and out.

The linearity on all three of these amps isn't bad but could be better (and yes, they are tuned and driven properly).  On one of the three amps, running it from the bench with the coax extensions markedly improved linearity, making it virtually perfect.  On the other two amps, it made no difference.

Interesting further discussion that includes this:

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