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That all will work, but you would be better served to re-dip the

Well, until someone tells me that they can hear that the intermod distortion on my 30L-1 
is out of spec, I will stick with the shortest length necessary.

Bill - K5MIL 


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To All,
The Collins instruction book/manual for my 30L1, 3rd edition,15 August 1961,
states in the various interconnection diagram notes " THIS CABLE IS
There must have been a reason for the Design Engineer to be so clear with a
specific note for all equipment Rf input interconnection options including
the KWM-1. All the other RCA interconnection cables are obviously shorter
and would seem to rule out a remote location option. Probably has to do with
what the input circuit wants to see from the exciter. 
If anyone has some specific insight on the "as designed" 20.5 Ft. OEM cable
it will be appreciate. For now I will continue to use the 20.5 ft. RG-58 C/U
cable per the instruction book. 
Mike N7TLL
CCA AC94-10293
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The proper length of coax from the 30L-1 and the transmitter/transceiver is
the shortest length that will reach.
Bill - K5MIL

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