{Collins} 30L-1 Power Switch

Hello again to the group….I have a question about the Rocker Type Power ON Off Switch used on the 30L-1 Amplifier….I did restore two of these amps over the last 20 years so I am somewhat familiar with the components in the amp….I never changed one due to the fact i had no need to do so….On mine I just leave the Power Switch in the on mode and do the  AC switching with an external switch …… Of course I do this so I do not have to replace that switch….I was always told that to get one of those original switches was next to an impossibility !! Wonder if that is true ? and if it is are there any other companies who make one that would be a replica of the original ?? I have also heard that to replace the Power Switch is not such an easy job do to where it is located ? So i wonder if I can get some comments on those issues pertaining to the Power Switch ?? Any and all input shall and will be greatly appreciated !!!

Thanks a lot People

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