Re: {Collins} 51S-1 AGC Modification Question

Good evening, Craig.

Uli, DK4SX, came up with the following mod a couple of months ago to solve that problem.  I tried it in my winged-emblem 51S-1 and it works great.

"Connect the series combination of a non polarized 4.7 uF (microfarad) capacitor and a 10 kOhms resistor in parallel to R73 and C192. Do not alter those values or remove R73 and C192. They are needed for a correct and quick response in case of the beginning of speech syllables in ssb etc. Location is easily found on the parts photograph page 6-13 in the handbook."

Amazingly enough, I was able to find a 4.7-uF non-polarized capacitor at the local Radio Shack.  Wonders never cease.

Note that you only want to lengthen the decay time, not the attack time.

Londonderry, NH
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I have a mid-1973 RE 51S-1 and it works great but the AGC time constant is
very fast which is great for digital modes but not SSB.  Is there a mod out
there for lengthening the AGC attack and decay times?

Craig W9CLA

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