{Collins} AGC - A question.

Hello all,

For quite some time I have had a a question nagging me about AGC in the various Collins receivers, specifically the S-Line. I will now go ahead and ask it now.

I have recently seen some questions about various AGC functions of different receivers, the most recent was the 51S-1.

My big concern is that maybe I do not understand how I can actually hear the difference on the AGC setting, specifically the fast or slow. In addition the hear-able difference between fast attack and slow decay.

Maybe is it simply my ears but I thought I'd ask this anyway.

Frankly I feel a bit shy to even ask but since I do not know everything about electronics and radio. even though I have known electronics since 1963 or so (when I first was learning electronics) I find that my knowledge is limited when I compare to Bill Carns and others (I am NOT an engineer).

So, what is or are the answers????

Walter Cheatham K7CCA
Laveen AZ

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