Re: {Collins} Resurrecting an S-Line, almost there


For Mute to work, make sure that the Function Switch is in STBY position, not OPR.

Jerry, N4JL

At 08:23 PM 11/16/2014, Mark Pilant wrote:
It would seem I'm getting very close. :-)

Today, I went through aligning the 75S-1 and 32S-1 after watching the
Hi-Res Collins videos.  I seems I wasn't far off following the manual's
procedure.  Although Brothers did offer some useful tips.

So after all that, I took out a crystal from my CP-1 for 28.6 - 28.6,
and it appears to be dean :-(  I guess it is time to build a little
crystal checker.  (I need to build one anyway, for some crystal matching
for a Minima transceiver I'm going to build.)

The other problem which showed up was keying the transmitter did not
mute the receiver.  I have all the appropriate cables in place; but I
do want to quadruple check them just in case.  So guess it is time to
start staring at the schematic :-)  I hope it will be straight forward.
Like a dirty connector or bad cable; although I'll be checking the relays
as well to make sure they are operating properly.

Once these are in shape, I should have some time to get back to my KWM-2.


- Mark  N1VQW
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