Re: {Collins} Preparing a Hum-Bucker (sp?) for an old S-Line

Hi Doug...  I don't think that you mean a "Hum-Bucker"..  I think what you
are talking about is a bucking transformer set-up.

What current you set up for depends on what equipment is in your S-Line. The
best way to quickly scope out what you need is to take all of the AC fuse
ratings and add them up. 

The voltage at the time the S-Line was developed was around 115 Vac. The
Collins design stated that it was good to 120. Lines can run up to over 125
Vac these days and some attention is needed to this issue.

I would look for a nice fat Variac at the local swaps, or you can go the
bucking route. Bucking is less flexible.

If your line is pretty stable at say 125 Vac, then bucking down 10 Vac would
work well and I recommend it or the Variac.

To buck the line down, you need say a 10 VAC filament transformer designed
to work from your current line voltage and then put the secondary in series
with the incoming line on the hot side. Make sure you have it opposing and
not adding, but you will find this out early in testing.

Hope this helps.


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I would like to ask the Collins owners here what the average line current
being drawn by their S-Line is and also for recommendations on setting up a
proper AC voltage source to run an S-Line off of.   My equipment needs to be
gone through & repaired so it seems fitting to get the process off to a good
start by preparing an AC line source that the S-Line equipment was designed
to work off of.  Wouldn't that be 115 VAC ?


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