Re: {Collins} Preparing a Hum-Bucker (sp?) for an old S-Line


if 120v, setup with a 20A 12/2 w/G
   keeps you on the "safe and normal" side of 120v installations

if 240v (recommended), setup a_/2/_0A 14/3 w/G

my ol' rule-f-thumb
   ya only wanna to do the thing (rewire) *once*, so DIRTFT
        that'd be Do It Right The First TIme

  safety and NEC code trumps everything
    so always run the power cable that contains ground wire
for 120v, balance the circuits at the power distribution panel (if going 120v) ie. look at how loads are arranged in the panel, find "best side" for your PA load !

for 240v make sure to tie the breaker handles so both sides throw (if going 240v)
      no need to be concerned about 'balancing' as this comes for free !

  labor/time/hassle trumps cost of materials (wire/breaker/conduit),
   so put in the most reasonably robust you can  ;-)
use quality romex/wire, conduit if running wire in ground or exposed areas
   use quality breakers

On the question of 120/240
   it's a lot more flexible if you run a 240 line.
this can terminate at outlet(s) that can supply 240 and/or pairs of 120

If you might have a bigger amp in the future (30S1) you will want 240 20A (12/3 w/G)

My shack arrangement is to bring in 240 #12 to an outlet
I have a 12/3 extension cord terminating in a utility box having 4 x 240 20A outlets I plug into this several xmtr, only one (1) of which is ever powered up.

    I have 30L1, 30S1, VIking 500, KPA500

This proves quite convenient as I can plug/unplug when I have to work on them.

I suppose at some point I will make a 'smarter' box that has load relays w/select logic. The logic would allow only 1 to be connected. Then could also have an EPO switch !
    Emergency Power Off


On 11/17/2014 7:51 AM, Doug Hensley wrote:
I would like to ask the Collins owners here what the average line current being drawn by their S-Line is and also for recommendations on setting up a proper AC voltage source to run an S-Line off of.   My equipment needs to be gone through & repaired so it seems fitting to get the process off to a good start by preparing an AC line source that the S-Line equipment was designed to work off of.  Wouldn't that be 115 VAC ?

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