Re: {Collins} 30L-1 --- soft start and power supply * realy Bd

I just purchased a k6hm p.s.board for my 30L1 last week.  Super easy install and great design.  I specifically like the single board design! 
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Subject: {Collins} 30L-1 --- soft start and power supply * realy Bd 

I have a 30L-1 due in this week ... it is supposedly low usage (2 owners)
and "original" ...

Questions please ...

1.  some have said a soft start is necessary in order to use with my Yaesu
FT-2000D ?

2.  anyone dealt with or know of Young Kim - K6HM - a CA power supply
engineer who has
     designed and sells complete Power Supply and Relay Board upgrades?
His units are
     complete in that they are not "kits."

I realize there are several updates/mods that I may elect to perform (or
maybe not HI) but these two items seem to be high on the list.

Your comments will be greatly appreciated.

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