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Good morning, Steve.

Per a Sylvania data sheet dated April 1960 (google "6AU6 7543"):

"The Sylvania Type 7543 is designed to provide low hum, non-microphonic operation through the incorporation of a helical wound heater and rigid mounting of the internal components.  The 7543 is otherwise similar to, and a replacement for, the Type 6AU6.".

So, I'd say the 6AU6 should work fine.

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Hi All,

I am trying to bring a 51S-1 back to life.  I have tested the tubes and 
found many showing shorts and I replaced them.  The 7543 oscillator tube 
is also showing a short and I replaced it with a 6AU6.  How bad is 
that?  It seems to work.  Should I bother buying a 7543?  They don't 
seem too expensive. What are your thoughts?



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