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There is no need for an ALC connection to the 30L-1 when using the FT-2000D. But you must observe drive power, which should be targeted initially at about 65 watts. The FT-2000D is capable of 200 watts output in its normal mode of operation. Adjust power output to 65 watts with the Power Output control. The radio is internally leveled so an over-driven condition should not result. Make some on the air checks for signal quality or look for any distortion on a monitor scope.

Alternatively, the FT-2000D has a Class A mode for ultra-low distortion operation. In that mode, power output is limited to 75 watts maximum. So in that mode you should not have to worry with setting power below the max. Again, make checks early-on in operation with the 30L-1 to get an idea of how the combination of radio and amp is working. Note that in Class A mode, the FT-2000D final amp transistors are drawing current all of the time. Consequently, the radio will run warmer. Given that we are moving into winter, the added warmth in the shack from Class A and 30L-1 may be welcome.

Finally, be aware that the FT-2000D amplifier switching is not rated for the open circuit voltage on the 30L-1 key line (approximately -170 VAC). Consequently, you will need a soft keying adapter in between the rig and the amp. There are many alternatives for this adapter. Build your own interposing relay circuit using a 12 VDC relay powered by the DC output jack on the radio and keyed by the TX GND jack. If you find something on the order of a Yaesu FRB-757 amplifier interface, the interconnection is all plug-and-play with the radio and 30L-1 given the phono connectors all around. If you prefer a commercial soft-key unit, choose one with an Operate-Standby switch so that you can effectively take the 30L-1 off-line without turning off the amp. There is no standby condition on the 30L-1 but to either turn it off or disable the keying circuit. An example of this type unit that is also plug-and-play, is the AmpKeyer by the Heathkit Shop.

I trust that you will really enjoy the combination of the Yaesu and the 30L-1.


Jerry Kessler, N4JL

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I would like to use my Yaesu FT-2000D with my newly acquired 30L-1 ... The required range on the 2000D is below ... "The specified range for ALC voltage to be used with the FT-2000D is 0 to ­4 Volts DC." Will this work? LLooks like a NO CONNECT for the 30L-1 ALC cable! Tks John *** You are subscribed to Collins as n4jl@xxxxxxx. If you wish to unsubscribe, or modify your preferences please visit ***

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