Re: {Collins} S line zero-beat issue in Transceive Mode?

There is no alignment procedure to make the S-Line transceive on the same

On frequency transceive operation is determined by the BFO xtals in each
Your tx xtal may be low or your rx xtal may be high in frequency.
Real world experience says that both xtals will be off spec frequency.

To transceive on the same frequency on LSB.....the LSB xtals in the tx and
rx must be on the same frequency....not necessarily on the correct
freq....just the same freq.
Same thing for USB.
To fix this problem you must replace the BFO xtals in each unit.....either
LSB or USB....or both....2 xtals or 4 xtals.
Not very hard to do....but it is the weak spot in the S-Line.
For now you can operate split and use the SYNC function on the tx to get
exactly on frequency.
You can order the xtals from INRAD.


David Harmon
Sperry, OK

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When I have one of my S line's (75s3c and 32s3) in tranceive and on
SSB.....Stations who are calling me back after a CQ are low in frequency by
about a half Khz.    I've looked around but haven't found how to align the
two radios so they are on the same frequency when in trancieve.  I am using
new RG58C/U interconnect cables from RF Connection.  I also tried the
original cables and have the same problem.  So I think I eliminated the
Interconnect cables from being the problem.

Any thoughts?


Rich N7TR
ex KI3V, N3AMK, WB3JOV<>
Telnet: N7TR DXCluster

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