Re: {Collins} S line zero-beat issue in Transceive Mode?

Recheck to make sure you have not reversed the two interconnect cables between the receiver and transmitter.  I made this mistake once, and  had the same condition you described.  Very suspicious, since you mentioned that you just replaced these.
> From: rich@xxxxxxxx
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> Date: Sun, 23 Nov 2014 05:34:16 +0000
> Subject: {Collins} S line zero-beat issue in Transceive Mode?
> When I have one of my S line's (75s3c and 32s3) in tranceive and on SSB.....Stations who are calling me back after a CQ are low in frequency by about a half Khz.    I've looked around but haven't found how to align the two radios so they are on the same frequency when in trancieve.  I am using new RG58C/U interconnect cables from RF Connection.  I also tried the original cables and have the same problem.  So I think I eliminated the Interconnect cables from being the problem.
> Any thoughts?
> Thanks...
> Rich
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