Re: {Collins} S line zero-beat issue in Transceive Mode?

> I just checked and its more like 100-200hz off....not 500.
> Do you know the part number of the trimmers you used.

I don't, sorry. They were old and fairly big. I got them at a hamfest (or
was it Fair Radio?) many years ago.

Depending on which direction the crystal is off, you may have to put the
capacitor in parallel instead of in series with the crystal. Or perhaps in
the transmitter BFO crystal?
I think I only added the trimmer to the USB crystal; the LSB was OK. (I
seem to recall adding a fixed silver mica. Maybe I'm thinking of something

I should take a photo of the underside of the 75S-3, since I'm going to be
selling my entire S-line. If I do, I'll try and get a close-up of the

73, Mike

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