Re: {Collins} [Bulk] Re: packing 30L-1

The packing might be worth as much as the radio today...
Bill W2CQ

On 11/24/2014 3:40 PM, ccurran@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
Hi Bob:

I purchased a complete S-Line one year ago.  It was shipped to me in all the original Collins shipping boxes, with radio model and serial number printed on the outside.

The 30L-1 package had the radio sitting on its four feet, when the top side of the boxes big flaps were opened.  They had used additional layers of cardboard on the inside, especially many 1 1/2"by 2"(estimate) spacer blocks made of cardboard, that protected the knobs and fittings from any pressure.  Picture a sheet of cardboard, with these cardboard 1 1/2"by 2"spacers glued in a rectangle with an open center area, that the knobs protruded into.  I should have taken pictures!

The 75S-3 and the 32S-3 actually slid out of one end of their respective boxes, different than the 30L-1 carton construction approach.

It was a very well made carton for every piece received.  Transformer was shipped mounted in the chassis.  There were like 2"thick slide in sections, about 10"x 2"x 24"" or so on either side of the 30L-1 too.

Chuck  W9KR

---- bkemp@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
For packing a 30L-1.. how did these come shipped from the factory?
Were they ever insterted in the box upright with the xfmr on the very
bottom or always placed feet first into the box?

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