{Collins} KWS-1 Drift

Hello the Group:
I am a recent Gold Dust Twins operator.  I purchased a functional late serial number 75A-4 rebuilt by Howard Mills in 2000.  I also purchased a KWS-1 in November of 2013.

The 75A-4 worked fine as received, Geez, I wanted something to fix!  

The KWS-1 has provided an expected number of repairs, so I have been busy.  Been on the air with it for 2-3 weeks, the only issue has been a microphone hum on one of three microphones.  Seems that problem is almost resolved.

However, the 75A-4 is rock stable, while the KWS-1 drifts high.  When I open the lid and place a cooling fan on the RF deck of the KWS-1, transmitter starts drifting low.

I expect I have marginal mica caps in the PTO--any advice or comments on this issue?

Chuck. W9KR

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