Re: {Collins} 32S-3 power drift?

Rich,  on my 32S1,  I for several items causing this problem.
Check the P.S. Voltages first 

But C6 electrolytic 
Replace all the .1 uF paper caps
(About 6-7 of them)
Check all the vox tubes
Connect a foot switch.  Check the vox controls while keying with the foot switch. ..

Keep us posted! 
73 8tow 

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Subject: {Collins} 32S-3 power drift? 

After bringing up one of my 32S3....I noticed that once the PA is tuned and then when enabling the key-lock I noticed that the power slowly drifts up to full power.  Ive tested the driver and finals with no well as replacing with a good set of tubes with the same problem.

Understand there may be a coupling cap that creates this problem.   Anyone seen this issue before?


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