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While the transformer weight is an issue, a bigger one is that of the 4 tubes that are installed horizontally.  A few years ago, I bought a 30L-1 on eBay, and it has proven to be a good amp.  It was an SK sale run by the family of the SK ham, none of which were hams.  After winning the amp, I politely asked the seller to either remove the tubes and pack them separately, or to place packing material inside the final compartment.  He did neither, and I ended up getting the amp (which was otherwise very well packed by a commercial packer) with all 4 tubes out of their sockets and one plate cap broken off.  Luckily for me, the seller refunded all of the shipping fee and even part of the price I paid for the amp itself.

Check out the 30L-1 manual.  I believe it talks about putting packing material in the final compartment to keep the tubes seated and protected from mechanical shock.

BTW: The commercial packers double-boxed the amp and placed it feet down.  No problem with physical damage to the cabinet or chassis due to the xfmr.  There was a lot of foam-in-place used.

73, Dale

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>For packing a 30L-1.. how did these come shipped from the factory?
>Were they ever insterted in the box upright with the xfmr on the very
>bottom or always placed feet first into the box?

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