{Collins} Anyone rewinding transformers?

Sorry to have changed the subject line--accidentally erased the original!

Let me add my strong recommendation for Gary Brown (Transformer
Rewinding Service in Oronoco, ME).. he's a gentleman and a skilled
craftsman.  He's done quite a few small rewinds for me, and all came
out perfect.  He's willing/able to add turns to primaries to
compensate for modern line voltages--something to keep in mind if/when
you need a transformer rebuilt.   The first of these that Gary did for
me was the power transformer for a TMC GPR-90, and I was amazed and
pleased to discover that all of the internal voltages in the
refurbished radio were spot on, according to TMC's voltage chart.

He is currently working on the plate transformer for my "new" KW-1
(s/n 101), a serious undertaking..  Gary says there are 30# of wire
and insulation lurking inside this monster!

We are incredibly fortunate to have Gary's services available to us..

73, John K4OZY

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