Re: {Collins} Collins 30L-1s not selling for so much on ebay

I dunno... I haven't been keeping formal statistics... just seems to me like there are a lot of 30L-1 amps in the $600-$700 range whereas in the past it seemed unusual to see one in good shape for under $1000.

KWM-2 and -2A seem to be down a few $hundred from times past, also... like I said, just a perception, haven't been keeping records.

516F-2 power supplies still seem to be holding their "value", though.


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What do you perceive they are bringing on eBay. ???  eBay has always been a
poor way to judge value - all over the place for reasons we understand. I
also think that there have been a lot turn over - so maybe the good old law
of supply and demand works after all.

I have seen no sign of the badge losing its luster - as you say. In fact,
most things seem to be rising a bit from what I have seen.

Let us know what you think you have seen for an average on eBay.


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