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> This website lists for sale many Collins transformers/inductors.  I recently ordered a new bias transformer for my 30S-1 amplifier.  
> Prices aren't low but then you are getting a new part.  

Dexter and others,

From what I have gathered, it appears that:

- The Peter Dahl operation was sold a couple of times, and their products are now offered by the Hammond Manufacturing company:
Which website says:
"We are currently integrating the
Peter W. Dahl series of custom transformers & chokes to our transformer offering. Take
advantage of hundreds of pre-designed transformers.”

For more details see:

- The Dahl listing of amateur products includes a lengthy section on Collins-specific transformers and inductors. See:  for all ham related products, and:
for the Collins listings.

- The Hammond company has been making transformers since about 1927, and can be counted upon to produce a quality product.

- Rewinding of a failed transformer or inductor is an alternative.  Many happy customers report good results from:

Gary Brown, WZ1M,  
Transformer Rewind Service
478 Forest Ave.
Orono, Me.

By the way, a recent discussion of line bucking transformers mentioned use of a 7.5 volt filament transformer for bucking down 122 volt line voltage to 115 volts.  Gary’s web site lists the monthly special:

7.5VOLTS @ 21 AMPS

This transformer would be ideal for the job.  You could run this bucking transformer with a two-amp variac for variable line voltage reduction that would handle up to 21 amperes of load.  (It’s not clear if he has just one of these, or produces new ones as needed.)


Roy Morgan
K1LKY Since 1958

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