Re: {Collins} 30S-1 Plate Reactor replacement

Hi Chuck and Happy Thanksgiving.

I would not say that transformer is undersize at all. The fact is that the
amp is cooling limited due to the Plate Input power limitation at the time
of its design and the transformer has plenty of starch in it.

Me, I would just have the one you have evacuated and re-impregnated after
tightening the laminate bolts. I recommend Gary for this and it will be much
cheaper than trying to find a replacement.

Are all of the bolts in place (and tight) that mount both the choke and the
plate tranny?  Then try just tightening the laminate bolts if they will
turn.  We rarely see that transformer fail. Some "humming" is normal under
full key down but that is to be expected.

Regards and good to hear from you.

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I wonder if they have a replacement reactor, L-202 for the 30S-1 ?  Mine
buzzes like mad when the HV is applied, gets worse when the amp is keyed.
I'm told that the original is undersized, being rated at "only" 500MA.
That comment got a "hmmmmmmm" from me.  The amplifier loads per the manual
to 350MA so 500MA should be adequate.

I digress, would like to get rid of the buzzing.  If I'm going to pull the
reactor out, would rather replace it with a new part v/s sending it to be


Chuck Rippel

PS:  The R390A's, they just keep a-coming......
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