{Collins} 75A-4 frequency stability and ALL - A comment you should read

Please gentlemen - First I am glad that you found the problem in your 75A-4.

Secondly - and my clear point here to all - is that pictures and attachments
are not going to happen, and it is inappropriate to make management comments
about the reflector on the list wasting bandwidth..   And that is what "No
photos or attachments is about".. wasting bandwidth.  The rules say that
list management issues should be discussed with the admin.  

This is a free reflector for you (and completely volunteer managed) but we,
the CCA, pay for it. It is an outside service managed and provided by
another company.  They have a huge, and expensive room of servers to handle
the bandwidth and capacity of just the plain text postings.  They have
recently had to bite the bullet and completely update and expand and replace
those servers at great expense.

Imagine how much more server capacity they would have to have if they
allowed photos and attachments. (and how much more we would have to pay -
for your free fun)..  And, imagine how much volunteer time would be involved
in opening and reviewing picture attachment postings when required.

Think about it..  There are archives that they store - for a long time - you
can search the past postings. So it is not only a functional processing
problem, but a HUGE storage issue.  A Plain Text post may be 5-10 kbytes.
With today's cameras and lack of user understanding, each post could be 5
Mbytes or even larger.

End of discussion about this subject and let's get back to Collins. We do
not want to see this discussion come up again.

Your volunteer staff wishes you good day!

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Hello All 

Update time.  I 'think' it is now resolved. I swapped out C205 in the PTO.
It was measuring inconsistently in circuit as I tapped it and as I
unsoldered it one lead came out of one side of the cap completely..

To hand I had a 47pF 5% silver mica and I have put this in for now. I needed
to realign the PTO to dial by about 4Kc's to compensate but it has been on
here for a few hours now and looks rock solid.

Result I think!

Thank you to all.


Roger, GW4WND

PS. I endorse other recent comments on this reflector - the ability to add
images would be so much better. I really don't see what the hang-up is here
- why not?


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