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Leave it alone. Your board is as good as the aftermarket replacements and the only reason that the kits come with boards is that often the workmanship of people trying to do such  things for the first time lifts traces and ruins the board and they are also not capable of complete quality assembly.

You are obviously not in that group.  Enjoy.

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I have a question and I don’t want to start any argument just get some advice.
  A few years back I rebuilt my 30L-1 power boards replaced the capacitors with NEW Sprague caps. I replaced all of the diodes and bypass capacitors.  I cleaned the boards used a de solder tool to remove the components, cleaned and inspected the boards.  I have to say they are as good as they came from Collins.   Over the years I’ve seen several aftermarket boards, so my question is in what ways are the aftermarket boards better.  Are they substantially better, is it worth replacing my current rebuilt boards with an aftermarket board and if so which one. This comes up because I just opened up the 30L-1 and cleaned the tubes, blew off the dust, oiled the fan and just checked everything out.  Thanks 

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