Re: {Collins} Escutcheon black screws size?

On Apr 12, 2015, at 5:41 PM, Max Cotton <m0ghq@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Looking around the only ones I could find were these on the 'e' site but I think they are not long enough, 391100592795 

They may be long enough.  The sellers description is:

:10pk - 4-40 x 5/16" Oval Head Phillips Screws   - NEW!"

My measurements of the 51S-1 screws are:

"They are 4-40  oval head black countersunk phillips head, overall length 3/8 - thread length 9/32.”  Note that 9/32 is just shy of 5/16.

I am not sure how these things are measured for “length” - I assume it is from the base of the bevel to the end of the threads, not the overall length end to end.


Roy Morgan
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