Re: {Collins} 30S-1 Coax Length

Some claim there is engineering merit to the 20'6" length, others claim it was all the coax salesman's idea. I worked around 30L's and 30S's in the military. Our formula was the length needed to get from exciter to amplifier plus a foot for maintenance if we could spare it. Never got pinched for non-linear operation.
Jim WA9Z

On 4/15/2015 10:26 AM, carl domanico wrote:
Hi people …i am just posting this for a friend of mine and maybe I can get the correct answer ?? My friend has a newly purchased 30S-1 amplifier and he seems to be very concerned about using the 20.5 feet of coax between the Exciter and amplifier…I know it was supposed to be used to reduce the distortion to even lower levels…but if I remember they said the same about the 30L-1 amplifier…and later on it turned out that the 20.5 feet cable was not necessary for the 30L-1…now does that hold true for the 30S-1 amplifier…the big brother  !

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