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I should have also added that the current Signal Magazine which is just
mailing has a hard copy of that article on the 30S-1 as well as two
wonderful letters written by Collins RF guru, Warren Bruene, the designer of
the 30S-1 and these articles give you real insight into how it works and why
he did some of the things he did in the design (as well as why you should
NOT do some of the things that folks are tempted to do these days.).

Together, all of the material in that Signal Magazine issue are a must read
if you own a 30S-1.

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Yes, you are tripping one of the protection interlocks and there are

First, the KWM-380 ALC is not compatible with the KWM-380 ALC levels. Do not
use it. Unplug it. For one thing, you could, or may have, damaged the 380.
Pull that immediately.

Then, and this is only good operating procedure:

Read the manual from cover to cover and understand it.

Second, read the "The How's and Whys of tuning your 30S-1" that is on our
website.  It is at this URL

Not only were you overdriving it but your signal was a mess and you risk
damaging the 30S-1.  It is, however, pretty robust.

You are going to have to learn to interpret what the tuning indications (not
the tuning Multimeter position) are "telling you" to stay in the linear
region of the amps performance. It is very easy to overdrive a 30L-1 or a
30S-1 with a 100 watt rig.  It is also, once the process is understood, easy
to not over drive it.

Read and enjoy and if I can help more, do not hesitate to email me or call.

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i just fired up the 30s1 after letting it sit in the living roomfor a
year.Im not that familiar with it.while Im talking on ssb it goes off after
a minute or so and then i have to put the plate on again. Is there a
protection circuit thats making it go off.  Maybe im driving it too hard.
when i hit it too hard i  hear a click and then within ten seconds it goes
off.then i have to put it on again.  its annoying to have to put in on after
going off. I am using a hf 380 to drive it.and i have the alc wired
transmit Is it normal to hear the amp hum when keyed?any and all advice is
appreciatedhoward w2hl
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