{Collins} S Line for sale

The Hurst Amateur Radio club (in the DFW area) has the following units for sale. I have looked at the units and all are cosmetically very clean with no visible damage.  Cosmetically in Very Good condition.

WE 75S3-B - One filter, Untested - have been told that there is a very slight audio hum but working $650
WE 32S-1 - $300 - Untested
WE 30L-1 - $650 - Untested

All prices are plus shipping. I have no financial interest in these - just passing it on to the group but will state that if I had a need for any of these I would be proud to display them. If interested please contact Craig Leikis n5lnx@xxxxxxxx<mailto:n5lnx@xxxxxxxx>  directly.


Scott Kerr, KE1RR
President, Collins Collectors Association
Dallas Texas
(214) 991-2850

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