Re: {Collins} 32S-3 no PA tune

Yes. It's also consistent with a short from the output side of the pi network output tank to ground -- loading capacitors, trimmers, etc. -- basically, everything that's connected to that line. Could also be shorted turns in L24, which unfortunately would show up a a "normal" resistance reading. When you tune to the dip you describe, does the PA loading control have any effect? That's an easy test, and may tell you a lot.


On 2015-04-20 4:44 PM, Max Cotton wrote:
Even more strange is that when tuned into a dummy load on 7.0 MHz, the exciter maximum grid is Ok but the PA dips at 21 MHz, maybe the relationship between the frequency control and the PA has slipped, can the wire drive slip round and detune the rig? I will have to check tomorrow as getting late here now. 73 MaxM0GHQ 		 	   		
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