{Collins} 30s-1 heat sensor


The sensor has a bias current running through it.  You might read to
article Bill Carns wrote on tuning the 30S-1 which makes reference to the
thermal sensor.  Its linked off the main page, or:


Chuck Rippel, K8HU

Does anyone have heat sensor for pa tube in the 30s-1?
> Also tuned up right and amp cuts off plate constantly.
> Very aggravating. It even cuts out with no mic gain and just keyed up
> after two minutes.
> I'll bring amp to someone in the Tri state area to fix if any one can
> recommend someone to me.
> I love this amp and want to get this cutoff fixed. I'm waiting on the mod
> caps for it. We'll see what happens with that mod first and hope that will
> fix it.
> Someone told me to move the thermal sensor away from pa and that didn't do
> anything. Any thoughts on that?
> Howard W2HL
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