Re: {Collins} Collins MRC-108 at AF Museum

The 108 is a fine radio. I have one on the air. A salute to all of you who have used them where intended.

Brown / W1NZR

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Hi all,

Since I was in Viet Nam, 1966 - 1967 and was a ROMAD (actually before 
that name existed) and used those jeeps, I have a more "personal" 
interest. I think I really need to get there and see it.

I was a Ground Radio Maintenance Repairman - AFSC 30454. That was quite 
a year in my life.

Walter Cheatham K7CCA

On 4/25/2015 2:04 PM, David Harmon wrote:
> I've been there 3 times but it has been quite a while since the last time.
> Bout' time to head that way again!
> 73
> David Harmon
> Sperry, OK
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> I suggest Dayton Hamvention attendees visit the AF Museum at Wright
> Patterson AFB.  The Museum as recently included a Collins MRC-108 comm
> system mounted on an M-151 Jeep as part of their SE Asia exhibit.
> The system includes a Collins 618T-3 HF rig along with antenna system and
> control known as the MRC-95, ARC-51BX UHF radio and 618M VHF radio and
> PRC-25 FM low band vhf (not Collins) as well as PRC-47 HF manpack and PRC-41
> UHF manpack.
> The system was used to support FAC activity in SE Asia as well as Korea.
> Collins supplied a kit to allow the radio operator to turn the passenger
> side seat around to better operate the radios.  It appears that the kit was
> never considered as "AF Official" but were installed by the operators in the
> field.  The radio operators were known as ROMADs (Initially Radio Operator
> Maintenance And Driver, but later Recon Observe Mark And Destroy), a
> courageous group who put the Jeep very close to enemy lines and then used
> the manpacks to get even closer.  They were known as Motar Magnets because
> they became very high value targets for the enemy.  With the 108s radios,
> they could communicate with air and ground assets as well as Over The
> Horizon command posts using HF.
> My hope is that this will be the beginning of more exhibits including
> ARC-190, HF-80, URG Collins gear and other gear used by the USAF.  Besides
> the new exhibit, only other Collins gear I know about is a sorry looking
> ART-13 in the B-29 fuselage walkthrough and an ARC-27 in an F-86.
> The MRC-108 exhibit is difficult to find on the AF Museum website, but
> images can be find by doing a search.  Collins is not identified as the
> supplier for the system.  A little disappointing because I was assured when
> we delivered the gear in 2010, that Collins would be credited. (Collins
> didn't donate the gear, but it was hoped that the Collins role would be
> recognized.)  Likely some rules would be violated.
> Admission to the museum is free for the most part.  Really great stuff, but
> there is lots of ground to cover both inside and out.  I try to get there
> every year or so and there is always lots of new material.
> 73
> Jim w0nkn
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