{Collins} CCA Member Estate Collins Gear for Sale

I was contacted by Arlene Schnippert, the widow of KV7H who was a CCA member and avid Collins Collector. She is trying to sell his Collins collection and I am posting this for her. I, of course have no financial interest in this and am simply passing this along to the group. She is reluctant to ship and is not experienced in packing and shipping. Please contact her directly off list if you have an interest.


312B-5 Station control/PTO for KWM-2                  round emblem                                                  $585
KWM-2 CW/SSB Transceiver 3.4 to 30MHz 100Watts into 50 ohms Wing Emb.                      $750
516F-2  AC Power supply for KWM-2                                                                                                       $375
PM-2     Portable power supply for KWM-2                                                                                           $175
32S-3     CW/SSB Transmitter 3.4 to 30 Mhz 100watts into 50 ohms.                                           $750
75S-3B   AM/CW/SSB Receiver 3.4 to 30 Mhz.                      round emblem                                  $750
312B-4  Station control for S-line phone patch SPKR WATT meter & switches wing emb.  $250
516F-2    AC Power supply for S-line                                                                                                         $375
51S-1     Communications receiver AM SSB CW 200khz to 30 mhz                  round emblem                                $1300
30L-1  500 Watt linear amplifier 3.9 to 29.7 Mhz Drive 70W PEP    round emblem                  $700
30S-1   1000 Watt linear amplifier 3.5 to 29.7 Mhz drive 80W PEP  Wing Emb.                         $1650

The total value of the equipment is $6,860.  A bulk sale price for someone buying the whole line  $6250.
My name, Arlene Schnippert.
My home number:  541-382-7910
My cell:  626-824-6612
Location:  Bend, OR

Scott Kerr, KE1RR
President, Collins Collectors Association
Dallas Texas
(214) 991-2850

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