Re: {Collins} Directional Coupler Diodes

I used 1N4148 and the great....but I calibrated at 80/800
watts to improve the linearity. 


David Harmon
Sperry, OK

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I noticed a drop-off in FWD power using my 312B-5 console.

100 watts into the 312B-5 results in a 80 watt reading.
reversing the coupler results in a 100 watt reading.
Both confirmed by Bird 43 and Vectronics watt meters.

The manual shows that the resistors to select 200 / 2000 watts are  
factory chosen during assembly.   9K+- for 2000   900+- for 200 on my  

Both FWD and REF resistors are very close to each other.

There was a difference in forward conduction of the 1N82A diodes between FWD
and REF sides.  ( lower voltage drop on the REF side ) ( expected ).

I purchased a 312B-4 for my 32S-3 and noticed the same thing on it...
A difference between FWD and REF .    Yes, I cleaned and ohmed the switch
and checked the meter movement calibration.

I replaced both 1N82A s  with low conduction / high back resistance 1N5711s.

Great !!!  Now the coupler reads 80 watts both FD and REF.

( confirming that the 200 / 2000 range resistors were once matched to a
batch of 1N82a diodes. )

With that background...........

What is the next logical step ?

I'm considering adding 10K and 1K multi-turn potentiometers and removing the
fixed resistors and calibrating the meters at 100 watts.

Once it's calibrated, it won't ever be seen again until the next owner
decides to open the coupler.

Is there a lower fwd drop diode than the 1N5711 ?
Something closer to the 1N82a ?


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