Re: {Collins} Directional Coupler Diodes

My RE 312B-4 has the following mods, which I highly recommend:

1.) 1N82A diodes replaced with RCA SK3089 diodes. I forget the details on

2.) 7.1 uF tantalum capacitors to make it more peak-reading, as the Collins
302C wattmeter has.
 One 7.1 uF capacitor goes between R3/R5/L1 and ground; the other one
between R4/R6/L2 and ground.
 The negative lead on each tantalum capacitor is grounded.
 Three 2.7 uF/20v in parallel = 7.1 uF.

73, Mike

On Thu, Apr 30, 2015 at 12:47 PM, <donroden@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> ... I replaced both 1N82A s  with low conduction / high back resistance
> 1N5711s.
> ... What is the next logical step ?

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