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Yes, This is pretty normal. One might think that the opposite should be true
since the Loading is swinging a bigger capacitor, but they both are driving
both a capacitor and a roller inductor. The difference apparently is due to
the difference in the gearing on the two different assemblies. I will say
that that both should not feel like they are "too" difficult to turn..
While this is subjective, I have seen units where, between ancient lubing
with the wrong lube and lack of cleaning, and / or improper assembly, they
can be difficult to turn, but then, good cleaning and lubrication and proper
assembly is required. One thing to be avoided like the plague is misaligned
assembly and over torqueing the knob set screws which in turn deforms the
knobs - turns them into an eccentric mess - and interferes with smooth
function. Go lightly and go smart when you are working on that entire
gearing, shaft alignment, synchronization and installation of the tuning
knob assemblies.


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Is it common for the PA Tuning to have more drag than the PA Loading? My
KWS1 has about twice as much drag when turning the PA Tuning.the drag seems
to be in the PA, not in the shaft bearings at the front.
Thanks for any help.


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