Re: {Collins} KWM2-A - ? New AGC Problem

First, what did you adjust?

Second, your symptoms are somewhat at odds with each other and telling us a
little about what the problem is.  If you had too much AGC, as in you had
turned down your RF gain control - and that had then caused the S-Meter
reading to go higher as it normally does in RF Manual gain control - then
the receiver would de-sense. You say is very hot, so the AGC voltage has not
gone up (as in more negative.) . This would have turned down the
sensitivity.  Something in there has gone south and unbalanced the two tube
tricky dick S-Meter bridge circuit that Collins liked to use on the S-Line.

Tell me what you "adjusted" and then with a station tuned in on AM, turn
down the RF Gain control and tell me where it starts to interact with the
S-Meter reading and what it does along the way to the received signal.

Then I will noodle on these strange symptoms and see if I can figure out
what might cause them.

I will be out for about an hour or two and then back this evening.


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I turned on my KWM2-A this afternoon and immediately was struck by very high
S-meter readings.  The receiver is very "hot" (sensitive).  The no signal
S-meter position today is about S-9+10 and most signals pin the S-meter with
the RF gain set to max.  The 2A is behaving normally otherwise.  It seems
like the AGC action is absent.  I was making some adjustments before going
on the air.  Is it possible that I accidentally turned something to cause
this change?  I swapped out the 516F-2 for a different one and it made no


I am looking for suggestions on how to troubleshoot this problem.


Thanks and 73,


Torrey N9PY



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