Re: {Collins} kwm2A audio hum

Hi tom,

Sorry you are having the difficulty..  The fact that transmit was OK should
have told you that the PM-2 shotgun shot was not going to help.  :-)

Try something for me...  Turn the audio gain all the way down and tell me if
the hum goes away.
Then tell me if it is pretty much going up and down with the audio gain
control or stays pretty much the same no matter where you set the audio
Then, does the hum seem to be riding on a received signal ( as in when you
have the RF gain all the way down and no signal tuned in, does the hum go

Tell me more about what is going on and I will try and get you zeroed in on
a possible solution(s)

Could be as simple as a tube shorting or could be a bypass or decoupling
cap.  We will try and locate the culprit.

The next thing we will try in pulling a tube or two starting up the chain -
once I get the answers to the above, and we can locate the stage involved
that way.


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Good day all,
        KWM2A developedv a strong audio hum on receive. Transmit is ok. I
recapped  my PM2 , but no luck.
             Any quick fixes, like a tube/tubes, capacitor in KWM2A???  TNX,

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