Re: {Collins} 32V2 Slide Rule Glass

I just heard from Howard that he now has silk-screened GLASS dials for the 32V, so there will be no need for a separate glass + Mylar sheet as before.  The new screened glass dials are $20 each + shipping.  This should make it a lot easier to replace if you need a new one.

You can contact him at w3hm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 

I should maybe bring a few to Dayton so everyone can have a look.

73, Charlie k3ICH

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  Thanks to all for your suggestions. It seems the best approach is to either get a piece of picture frame glass and cut it myself.. or just go to a frame store and have them cut what I need. Either way, I'll have several cut and will make it available to anyone who might need it in the future. 
  Mike, W2HLD
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