{Collins} 30L-1 tuning

I have a 30L-1 that I have not operated until this morning.  Using a dummy
load and my KWM-2 connected exactly as the manual calls for.  I loaded up
and tuned my KWM-2 on 40 meters, turned the mic gain down so I was only
showing 40 watts.  I turned on the 30L-1 and started the tune up procedure.
Using the load and tune knobs I was able to get up to 500 watts and didn't
try to go higher because of my dummy load.  The only problem is that the
tune control was showing all the way over in the 15 -10 area of the dial in
other words about 3 o'clock. I believe I was showing about 500 ma on the
meter.  Is it possible the knob is not placed correctly on the shaft.  I
didn't have time to do any other tests or pull the knob.  Where should the
capacitor be fully meshed on the tuning knob? I also tried it into my 40
meter antenna with the same results.  The KWM-2 acted normally during this
whole process and SWR was 1.2-1 or less.  Is my 30L-1 wacked out or am I?


Ben KJ4CC    

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