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I just took a look at my 30L-1 Tuning Capacitor and knob.  I found that there are no flats on the capacitor shaft for the set screws in the knob to "Lock" onto for alignment.

The knob should be pointed to the 9:00 O'clock position, with the capacitor 100% meshed, or full capacitance.  On mine I found a screw driver slot in the shaft end and it was horizontal at full mesh.  I used  small flashlight and was able to confirm this with a visual inspection.  Mine is a WE unit from about 1962 or so.

I would inspect the knob alignment, as you were already alluding to, seems you are checking a logical potential issue.

Good Luck,

Chuck W9KR

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> On May 5, 2015, at 7:47 AM, Ben Loper <brloper@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I have a 30L-1 that I have not operated until this morning.  Using a dummy
> load and my KWM-2 connected exactly as the manual calls for.  I loaded up
> and tuned my KWM-2 on 40 meters, turned the mic gain down so I was only
> showing 40 watts.  I turned on the 30L-1 and started the tune up procedure.
> Using the load and tune knobs I was able to get up to 500 watts and didn't
> try to go higher because of my dummy load.  The only problem is that the
> tune control was showing all the way over in the 15 -10 area of the dial in
> other words about 3 o'clock. I believe I was showing about 500 ma on the
> meter.  Is it possible the knob is not placed correctly on the shaft.  I
> didn't have time to do any other tests or pull the knob.  Where should the
> capacitor be fully meshed on the tuning knob? I also tried it into my 40
> meter antenna with the same results.  The KWM-2 acted normally during this
> whole process and SWR was 1.2-1 or less.  Is my 30L-1 wacked out or am I?
> Ben KJ4CC    
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