{Collins} KWM-1 power connectors FS

GA to the list........
I'm thinning the parts here and came across a most elusive connector for the KWM-1.  I have long since sold my two KWM-1's so I have no need for this item.
Both the male and female connectors and the shield for the female connector is included.  There are four (4) sleeves for the coax fittings.  The connectors have had solder applied, but all pins are perfectly usable.

NOTE:  Pin # 17 on the female connector is missing.  I have no idea why, but its not there.  Unless one is wiring the connector for the antenna controls, pin # 17 (10m) is not needed.

For those who have the rig and are either converting a 516F-2 or lashing up a homebrew supply......this connector will make life easier.

I will send it USPS Priority Mail for a total of $65.00, CONUS only, after receipt of a USPS Money Order.  I'm good in QRZ.  My original CCA member # is 97-00458.

Thanks for the BW............hope someone can use this connector.


チャーリー ミルトン 


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